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The new Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro gravel bike goes for the squish

Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 1

The new Giant Revolt X is a gravel bike for bumpier terrain. All models of the Revolt X are spec’d with 40-mm-travel suspension forks and dropper posts. While the Revolt X bikes have pretty much the same tire clearance as the standard Revolt models, the new bikes ship with bigger rubber compared with their ridged counterparts. These changes make for a gravel bike that handles rough roads and trails quite capably. It’s mountain bike-esque, if you will, while feeling speedy on flat ground.

The Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 0 not in Canada you say? Pity

The Revolt X I’ve started testing is the Advanced Pro 0. It’s the top bike in the lineup. The drag for us Canadians, however, is that it won’t be available here in this country. Instead, Giant is bringing in the Advanced Pro 1 and Advanced Pro 2, as well as the aluminum Revolt X 1. Still, there are features that all the bikes share that I’ll explore here.

Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 1. Canucks, you can get this one with its SRAM Rival eTap AXS shifter, Rival crank and GX Eagle AXS rear mech.

Forks of the Giant Revolt X

The Advanced Pro 1 and 2, and the X 1 come with the 40-mm RockShox Rudy Ultimate XPLR fork. I have some experience with this fork after riding the Canyon Grizl CF SLX 8 last year. The Rudy Ultimate XPLR has a lockout feature that does firm things up for cruising on flat surfaces. If you regularly ride rigid forks, you’ll still notice a bit of play in the Rudy’s lockout mode.

The Advanced Pro 0 I’ve been riding has the Fox 32 Performance Elite fork, with open, medium and firm settings. Firm is, well, firm but by no means locked out. If you’re concerned about the suspension damping not only the bumps, but your watts, the Advanced Pro 1 and 2 models with the Rudy fork might be the best option for you.

Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 0
All Giant Revolt X models have 40-mm of travel at the front. Image: Nick Iwanyshyn
Giant Revolt X Advanced Pro 0
The Fox 32 Performance Elite fork has three settings: open, medium and firm. Image: Nick Iwanyshyn

The Giant Revolt X dropper post

A Postmodern dropper post is the standard on all Revolt X bikes. This post can drop 100 mm. If you’re a rider on an extra small frame, you can move your saddle down a maximum of 75 mm. (Sorry extra-small-frame riders, this size is not coming to Canada with any of the Revolt X bikes.) The post offers 25 mm of suspension of its own to take the edge of bumps. I found the thumb lever on the bars that activates…

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