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Toon Aerts to UCI: ‘Here, a big and heartfelt middle finger!’

Toon Aerts to UCI: ‘Here, a big and heartfelt middle finger!'

CX star Toon Aerts is mincing no words when it comes to how he feels about the UCI’s decision to suspend him. On Monday, he tweeted a statement as a response to his recent sanction imposed by the governing body following a positive anti-doping test.

The Belgian tested positive for the substance Letrozole during an out-of-competition test in January 2022. After a one-and-a-half-year inquiry, the UCI reached the conclusion that Aerts had indeed violated anti-doping regulations. As a result,, they handed down a two-year suspension, effective from February 2022 onwards. Letrozole is thought to increase testosterone in athletes. His legal team tried to prove that his positive test was a result of food contamination, but was unsuccessful in convincing the UCI.

UCI Anti-Doping tribunal announces decision in Toon Aerts case

“For 1.5 years I had to wait for this final verdict. I must have typed in the word Letrozole on Google 5,000 times during this period, hoping to find the missing piece of the puzzle. But we didn’t find it. Now where on earth did it come from? I still don’t know exactly how this got into my body. But I can’t blame myself. I threw thousands of euro at it, visited several universities and had several reports written by experts,” he posted. “After a year and a half in a legal tug-of-war, now portrayed as a cheater. Along with my entire family and surrounds suddenly labelled losers. It hurts and it doesn’t feel right.”

The Belgian went on with even more colourful language to express his frustration.

“Well here UCI, a big and heartfelt middle finger! You could have made us the happiest people on earth. I only hope my case rings a bell with everyone,” Aerts added, “because I am holding my heart for riders and athletes who may go through exactly the same thing. My heart is bleeding for Shari who is in the same situation.”

The former European champion added that he will not be hanging up the cleats. In the post he said he will definitely return to racing after February 2024.

He concluded by saying that “Hopefully one day we will also receive the appropriate apology.”

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