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Video shows laughing teens intentionally drive into cyclist, killing him

Two teens murder a cyclist

Two teenagers were captured in a video, their laughter echoing as they maliciously drove their car into a cyclist in Nevada, resulting in the tragic death of the victim, who happened to be a retired police chief. On August 14, in Las Vegas, the 17-year-old driver and his passenger were cruising down a street when they approached Andreas Probst, who was cycling in the designated bike lane.

With a cell phone in hand, the passenger filmed the disturbing scene, sharing chuckles and exchanges with the driver as they sinisterly planned to harm Probst. Their recorded words included phrases like “Ready?” and “Yeah, hit his ass.”

Moments later, their actions led to a collision with Probst, causing him to be thrown onto the car’s windshield before hitting the ground.

Probst was swiftly rushed to a local hospital, where he was later declared deceased. Probst had relocated to Las Vegas following his retirement as the chief of California’s Bell Police Department in 2009.

After fleeing the scene, the teenagers were eventually apprehended, and the driver was initially charged with a hit-and-run. However, these charges were later upgraded to murder when the video footage emerged online, clearly indicating that the heinous act had been intentional.

According to an article in The Independent, the the passenger who filmed the attack and encouraged the driver him to hit Probst is still on the loose.

The video is below, but it should be noted it is extremely disturbing to watch.

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