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Video: Victoria cyclist barely avoids 2-vehicle collision

Cyclist in Victoria narrowly avoids a two-car collision

Talk about too close for comfort! A cyclist recorded a collision between two drivers at the intersection of Bay Street and Cook Street. In the video, the first motorist completely ignored a red light, leaving the second one unable to stop in time. This resulted in a collision that propelled one car into a nearby pole.

Edwin Wong was cycling toward the intersection and was approximately 100 m away when the collision took place. Fortunately, he managed to slam on the brakes and come to a halt, narrowly avoiding involvement in the accident.

According to his post on X (formerly Twitter) both drivers emerged from the collision with minor injuries. “Brutal. Fortunately both drivers walked away,” Wong added.

Nonetheless, it was a heart-stoppingly close morning for the cyclist. As a cyclist, you worry about other drivers hitting you, but having two motorists hit each other right in front of you is something else!

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