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Watch some absolute carnage at the UCI Track Champions League

Watch some absolute carnage at the UCI Track Champions League

There was a massive crash in the men’s elimination race at the UCI Track Champions League on Saturday. The elimination race is an exciting and dramatic track event where every lap, the last rider across the finish line is removed until there are only two riders left to duke it out for the win.

It’s also an event, that due to the constant threat of being “out” can be sketchier than others, with riders swerving in the group to avoid elimination. Competitors will jockey for position each lap which can result in some hairy racing. Two Canadians raced in the event: Dylan Bibic and Mathias Guillemette.

The crash was early on, right after the bell rang to begin the first elimination. 11 riders went down, including Guillemette. With all the damaged bikes and injuries, the race had to be rescheduled and placed after the initial round of the men’s keirin. Officials used gaffer tape to patch up some of the damaged wood on the track.

Thirty minutes later, two riders decided not to resume the race, resulting in a shorter event. The first competitor to be disqualified was American Gavin Hoover, while Guillemette was eliminated halfway in. The last two riders standing (erm, sitting) were Bibic and British rider William Tidball, with the victory ultimately going to the Canadian cyclist.

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