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Wahoo introduces Trackr HR rechargeable heart rate monitor

Wahoo introduces Track rechargeable heart rate strap

On Tuesday, Wahoo Fitness  introduced the Trackr HR, a new heart rate monitor featuring advanced processing technology for accurate metrics. This device is equipped with a rechargeable battery offering over 100 hours of active use, eliminating the need for coin cell batteries.

The latest strap model is more compact than its predecessor, ranging from 68.5cm to 87.6cm in length. Despite its smaller size, the enhanced elasticity ensures it can accommodate chest sizes up to 127cm. A new side closure design replaces the previous method of attaching directly to the heart rate pod. Furthermore, the charging cable now features a magnetic head that connects to it, with a USB-C connector on the opposite end.

Wahoo says the strap weighs 51g.

Key features

Accuracy: Provides real-time heart rate data with an advanced detection algorithm.

Comfort: Features a newly designed chest strap with a non-invasive side closure.

Compatibility: Connects via ANT+ and Bluetooth to various training systems and apps, including Apple Watch, Zwift, STRAVA, and more.

Battery life: High-capacity rechargeable battery with over 100 hours of active use.

Durability: Tested for reliability and rated IPX7 for water resistance.

The Trackr HR is part of a new line of Trackr accessories aimed at helping endurance athletes optimize their training and performance. It can also be used to measure Heart Rate Variability, (HRV.)

“We are thrilled to launch the Trackr heart rate monitor. Our goal was to create a device that athletes can rely on for accurate data, unmatched comfort, and seamless integration with their training ecosystems. It isis designed to meet the needs of the most demanding athletes, providing them with the tools to optimise their training and achieve their performance goals,” Gareth Joyce, CEO of Wahoo said.

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Trackr Heart Rate strap, $120

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