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Sikh mother designs helmet to be worn under turban

Sikh mother designs helmet to be worn under turban

An Ontario mother has created a new helmet that can accommodate turbans, so her kids can be protected. A report from CBC stated that Tina Singh has made what she says is the very first certified helmet that can fit over a turban. Singh designed the helmet because she couldn’t find any that would fit over a turban.

“My kids keep their hair, so anytime I went to go put on a bike helmet when they were going out to ride, nothing fit them properly,” the Brampton, Ont. mom said to the CBC.

Singh worked on the helmet for two years, and she said that it can be used for kids over five who are cycling, inline skating or skateboarding.

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“I was frustrated that there wasn’t a safe option in sports helmets for my kids,” she said.  To create a helmet, a daunting task, but the mother was excited to create something for kids to wear. “This is a big learning curve for me, it’s not something I’ve ever done before.”

The design has a domed section on the top that provides room for a child wearing a turban. The helmet is certified from the international testing company. SGS, a Swiss-based company, having been approved in December 2022.

The entrepreneur realizes the importance of having a helmet that fits properly. Singh works as an occupational therapist and has seen patients who have had brain injuries.

A representative for the World Sikh Organization, Balpreet Singh, said the new lid is great news for inclusivity and cycling.

“There are some Sikhs that do wear helmets and also many Sikhs that choose not to wear helmets because they don’t feel anything should cover the turban. So I think this is definitely one more option that Sikh families can consider and definitely long overdue.”

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